Interesting to see the latest Sky News Australia poll where 58% of those polled supported resettlement of refugees to New Zealand.

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly said that Australia must not encourage people smugglers, arguing that NZ taking refugees unwelcome into Australia, opens a back door option for human traffickers.

Kiwi’s that have worked on Manus Island preach caution. Their experience is worthy of consideration. They make the case that most refugees on Manus are either criminals or associated with criminal behaviour. They are not genuine refugees seeking refuge from persecution.

Welcoming and resettling genuine refugees is admirable. New Zealand playing their part in providing solutions for a global problem is what most fair Kiwi’s would expect. It is highly probable that genuine refugees will make a valuable contribution to their new adopted country. With training and commitment, refugees can help fill labour shortages in NZ in industry sectors such as construction and agri business.

Agreeing to take questionable refugees from Manus is an entirely different proposition.