Dan Rather on Trump’s State of the Union

Acclaimed journalist and former CBS news anchor Dan Rather continues to voice opinion on American politics and progress.

His thoughts on Trumps SOTU……

I debated whether to post about the State of the Union because I think that for all the time and attention it receives nothing really changed. I wonder what the ratings will end up being. Do the President’s supporters care what he says in a forum such as this? Does the majority of the country who disapprove of the President want to spend an evening hearing him lecture to them?

But I figured if I took the time to watch, I might as well say something. Because I think the most memorable thing about the speech is that it will probably soon be forgotten.

This was an informercial for Donald Trump and his Republican Party. For make no mistake, there is no distance between the GOP and the Party of Trump. He owns it, and the members of Congress know it. Almost to a man (and they mostly are men), they pay fealty to their leader.

As a newsman, I found no real news except tough talk on immigration (no surprise) and increased sabre rattling with North Korea (disquieting, but no surprise). So much of what ails us, as a people, as a nation, as a world went unsaid. And also left unsaid was the shadow that looms over all that has transpired in the last year and a half – the specter of Russia and now a criminal investigation.

Presidents uplift. This one does not. Presidents speak to our common ideals. This one does not. Presidents seek to expand their base. This one does not.

On style points, I thought it was well delivered, as far as that goes. Some analysts with amnesia may say that the President was presidential. But the storm clouds still gather, an itchy Twitter finger awaits, and the State of the Union is far from united.